Version 1.2 has been released

Hello! A new version of the game is available. Using old saves should be possible, but some changes and fixes may not work afterwards, so it's not recommended. The changelog can be found below(as always - POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

- The "Formation" option had been removed from the in-game menu

- Added an option to skip intro at the start. After choosing the option - the game will start instantly on Day 1

- Optimized most of the events - the overall performance of the game should be better now

- If Magnificent Manuel's quest is not done after Day 1 - the player will be able to find "Damaged Sombrero" in place of the normal one.   If the player has found the normal "Violet Sombrero" and didn't return it to Magnificent Manuel - it will be changed to "Damaged Sombrero" after completing Day 1.

- Greatly reduced(or outright removed, in case of some locations) random encounter frequency

- Balance changes: Made Gary's PWR skills and Player's Pen. Whirlwind more powerful, with some changes regarding SP cost

- Made Magician's instructions about looking for his quest objects more clear

- Fixed a bug in the Dog Ritual Quest. Now, the candles can only be bought once

- Added a tip in the Dog Ritual Quest to talk to Mr. Peng, after the escape from the basement

- Improved puzzle descriptions in the tutorial puzzle and in the Rad Girl's challenges

- Fixed the wrong day image after completing the school section in Day 3 - Fixed Gary's Dad's event on Day 3, which could skip the conversation entirely if he was approached while facing the wrong side

- Fixed the only(?) choice in the game that can give you game-over, now the player is forced to read the dialogue before choosing the answer

- Fixed the prompt that showed up in Hero's room every day, after completing the Stupidface game. Now - it only shows after the first completion of the game

- Fixed some minor issues

- Added a new name to the end credits

Enjoy! Feel free to contact me, if you find any issues with the game.


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Mar 07, 2018

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