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One day - a boy from a small, quiet town discovers an alien in hiding from a celestial force beyond comprehension of any Human. This strange encounter will be the beginning of the Boy’s bizarre quest to thwart alien invasion, while his hometown becomes crazier and bloodier with every passing day...

SpaceSave is a story-driven, turn-based RPG, made in RPG Maker VX ACE, with a focus on exploration and interaction with many characters inhabiting the game’s main town. The action takes place within the five in-game days, which are divided into sections:

In the morning: Move around the local school, while doing various favours to fellow students in need of help. Or, maybe, take a side in a war between two rival school factions…

In the afternoon: Explore the boy’s hometown filled with secrets, collectibles, unexpected foes and many different kinds of townsfolk to get to know. You will also encounter  special places that will require not only brute strength, but also brains, to conquer…

  • Explore the town, completed with outskirts and the nearby forest, filled with unusual(or straight up weird) people to meet, secrets to find and fights to pick
  • Over 20 side-quests and other side activities to do while you explore. Sometimes, it can even affect the main story...but be careful – the outcome not always will be positive

<As of version 1.3 and onward you can keep track of your quests by using a quest journal> 

  • A story with crazy events to experience and challenges to overcome. Uncover alien mysteries and save Humanity... or die trying.
  • Three endings(including the secret one). Which one is right? Listen to your heart and decide...
  • A quirky world filled with humour, weirdness and dangers(usually all three at the same time)
  • Original art and plethora of animations for the overworld and the battle screen(Player’s party weapons and skills)

Estimated Game Length: around 11 hours(one ending)

Recommended Age(of course, you can play if you are younger, if you want…): 16+


The game contains a lot of flashing lights and bright colours, so if you suffer from epilepsy - please, play only at your own risk.

The game also contains graphic depictions of violence and scenes that may be seen as shocking to some people.

Install instructions

After downloading and uzipping the file -

Locate and double-click on the „spacesave_[file_version].exe” file in the folder after unpacking the .rar. Choose the destination, where the extractor will put the game's files.
After that - locate the game's folder in the chosen location and double-click the „game.exe” file.


spacesave1_4.rar 406 MB
spacesave1_3.rar 400 MB
spacesave1_2.rar 376 MB
spacesave1_1.rar 376 MB
spacesave1_0.rar 376 MB

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